About our company

Kim Davis photo

Kim E. Davis
President & CEO
ROMBE Founder & Director

Events Unlimited Inc. evolved from planning government conferences and special events to the creation of a new paradigm focused on navigating bureaucratic government agencies and corporations to create opportunity for small business. Embracing research and program development while monitoring program components and supporting it with policy is what makes us unique. Our ability to develop creative programs from concept to implementation, train and consult with businesses and establish policy support to maintain compliance standards totally sets us apart from our competitors. Historically, access to procurement opportunities has been a challenge for small businesses due to lack of training, past performance, and no established relationships in the industry. However, Events Unlimited, through innovative developments is changing the way procurement is done.

Our Services

01. ROMBE: Real Opportunities for Minority & Small Business Enterprises is a consortium of vetted businesses performing on government and corporate contracts.

02. Consulting: EU Inc. Consulting focuses on reorganization consulting, employee productivity, and organizational compliance.

03. Education: Our Education arm concentrates on two areas: Small Business Training and T.H.I.N.K. on These Things PLC.